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Brow Bar

Our Brow Bar is open daily from 11 am - 4 pm. Walk-ins available. Waxing - No appointments necessary. All brow treatments can also be booked in private beauty rooms.


Face / Advanced Skin Analysis

  • Advanced Skin AnalysisAllow 45 mins - $59book now

    Using the latest technology, the OBSERV will show every detail of your skin and allows us to formulate a skincare and treatment plan for targeted results!

    Fully redeemable with purchase of two or more products (serviced brands only).

  • Project Glow (6 treatments within 3mths)book now

    Now that we understand your skin and you are serious about results - your skilled skin therapist will combine our different therapies and solutions to increase the intensity and results that your skin deserves.

    Your skin will be assessed each visit,followed by serious skin treatments. And you have the option to extend your session to 45 mins for a bit of decadent luxury.

    • 30 mins
      $349 (6 Treatments)
    • 45 mins
      $399 (6 Treatments)


  • BlushAllow 30 mins - $55book now

    A quick refreshing boost for all skin types or a maintenance facial. Designed to cleanse, exfoliate and rehydrate the skin.

    Includes: Double cleanse, exfoliate, mini facial massage, masque.

  • Dermalogica MicroZoneAllow 30 mins - $50book now

    Target your top skin concern with innovative ingredients with no fuss. Ideal maintenance treatments. Choose from:

    Flash exfoliation – resurface, smooth and brighten
    Blackhead relief - clear and prevent blockages
    Hydrating - revitalise dull, thirsty skin
    Spot treatment – tackle breakouts and underlying congestion
    Sensitivity Soother - relieve and hydrate hot, itchy and dry skin

  • Dermalogica TreatmentAllow 60 mins - from $99book now

    Discover the moment that your skin changed forever. A Dermalogica skin therapist will analyse your skin, then perform a targeted treatment using exclusive Dermalogica techniques. Your skin will look and feel instantly healthier! Choose from:

    AGE smart - $109
    Targets premature aging, congestion, uneven skin tone

    Medibac - $99
    Ultimate treatment for acne management

    Ultracalming - $99
    Instantly calms redness and reduces inflammation

    Includes: Double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, serum and masque, restoring neck, shoulder and décollete massage

  • Ultraceuticals ACEAllow 60 mins - $99book now

    Potent active ingredients to give real visible results. Powerhouse ingredients Vitamin A, Vitamin C and AHAs and BHA actively works to reverse the visible signs of ageing and refining the skin’s overall appearance.

    Includes: Double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, serum and masque, restoring neck, shoulder and décollete massage.

  • Deep CleanseAllow 45 mins - $75book now

    Sometimes our skin just needs a good deep clean. Designed to get the skin feeling and looking healthy. Ideal for teens and tweens (includes a mini lesson).

    Includes: Double cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions where necessary, purifying and hydrating masque.

  • Clarins Signature FacialAllow 60 mins - $99book now

    Escape to a place where hands meet nature. Using highly concentrated plant extracts and expert movements to deliver beauty results and benefits. Customized to your specific needs.

    SUPER RESTORATIVE - Restores, Renews, Replenishes
    RADIANCE REVIVER - Rebalancing treatment
    MOISTURE REPLENISHER - Intensive hydration

    Includes: Double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, serum, masque, hand massage, restoring neck, shoulder and décollete massage.

Advanced Face

We deliver customised facials with results. Choose your treatment duration & Your skin therapist will personalise the technology most suitable for your skin. Treatments may include:

  • Microdermabrasion - Deep cleansing & Exfoliating treatement Power Duo (Microdermabrasion and Vitamin Infusion) Power Trio Power Glow (Power Trio + Peel) LED light therapy - Stimulates collagen & Elastin, eliminates bacteria & reduces inflammation.

       30 minutes: $65             book now
       45 minutes: $85             book now
       60 minutes: $105           book now

  • Professional Peels

    Peels improve skin texture, tone, and colour, reduce fine lines and wrinkling and deeply penetrate pores to dissolve blackheads, whiteheads and acne plugs. The ideal safe, low downtime pick-me-up for aging skin, sun damage, pigmentedor acne prone skin.

    • Ultraceuticals Mandelic Peel - Lacticacid/Mandelic acid, Imporve texture, colour & tone.

      Higher concentration AHA peel derived from bitter almonds which efficiently eliminate dead skin cells that dull your skin, unblock pores, reduce pigmentation and even out the complexion. This treatment is ideal for all skin types, including oily and acne prone skin and aging skin.

    • Ultraceuticals Radiance Plus + Mask - Reduce appearanceor hyper pigmentation.

      This radiance boosting masque combines a powerful blend of 8 skin brightening agents to rapidly reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and blotchiness to reveal a luminous complexion.

    • Ultraceuticals Lactic Acid Peel 30%

      This peel offers fast results on skin suffering from the following concerns: dryness, photo aging hyperpigmentation and congestion. Excellent for improving skin texture, clarity and hydration. *Skin preparation required.

    • Ultraceuticals A-zyme Peel

      Super charged combination of Vitamin A and fruit enzymes accelerates cell turnover to plump, firm and hydrate the skin, whilst dramatically refining the surface texture.

    • Dermalogica BioSiurface Peel - Powerful skin resurfacing system.

      This chemical peel is designed to treat a multitude of skin concerns from pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne breakouts and signs of premature ageing by resurfacing the skin with minimal downtime; a renewed, smoother, more hydrated complextion emerges as a result. Includes: Double cleanse, peel, serum, moisturize/SPF

    •    30 minutes: $65             book now
         45 minutes: $85             book now
         60 minutes: $105           book now

    • IPL Skin Rejuvenation

      • Spot Pigment revmoval
        from $49book now
      • Half Face
                 $79book now
      • Full Face
               $149book now
      • Massage

        • Clarins Rebalancing MassageAllow 60 mins - $79book now

          This deeply relaxing, rhythmic full body massage releases even long-standing knots and tensions and is intensified with a deeply soothing essential oil blend.

        • Back, Neck and Shoulder MassageAllow 30 mins - $49book now

          Perfect for headaches,stress relief as we hone in on pressure points on your head, neck & shoulders to melt away the tensions.

        • Hot Lava StoneAllow 60 mins - $99book now

          Deeply relaxing and uniquely personalised hot stone massage that gently releases tension, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins and calms mind and body.

        • ReflexologyAllow 60 mins - $79book now

          A pressure point massage of the feet promoting relaxation and simply enhance your well-being.


        Spray Tanning

        Tanning treatments: